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Network: Design For The Common Good

Design for the Common Good featured by the Curry Stone Foundation:

Design for the Common Good is a ‘network of networks’ that joins together practitioners and educators from around the globe in a shared belief that we can create better environmental, economic and social outcomes for all through the power of design.

The group was originally formed by a union between the SEED Network, the Designbuild Xchange and the Live Projects Network, bringing their respective members together to stimulate discussion and exchange best practices for educators, researchers and practitioners. The Pacific Rim network will be joining later this year.


The group fills a critical gap by creating a global framework by which practitioners can learn from each other and share strategies. It provides technological and digital resources that professors and practitioners can share with each other. Additionally, the group meets regularly at conferences across the globe to advance the mission of public interest design and support each other’s work.

The founding steering committee is composed of Sergio Palleroni, Bryan Bell, Sue Thering, Eric Field, Simon Colwill, Peter Fattinger, Ursula Hartig, Nina Pawlicki, Jane Anderson

Emiliano Gandolfi and Eric Cesal from the Curry Stone Foudation spoke with four of the group’s founders on Social Design Insights. Sergio Palleroni and Jane Anderson (co-founder of the Live Projects Network), Bryan Bell (co-founder of the SEED network) and Ursula Hartig (co-Founder of the Designbuild exchange) joined to talk about how this remarkable effort came together, and the kinds of resources that the group has made available to all those interested in social design.



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CoCoon - contextual construction et al. TU Berlin, Hochschule MünchenArchitecture, Landscape ArchitectureUrsula Hartig


Project Start:2018
Year of Completion:2018
Life span:1 year(s)
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