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Storm Shelter #2 at the Mississippi State University Golf Course

The studio-based course follows Mississippi State University's innovative new BUILD | design pedagogy that invites novice students to learn about building materials, methods and associated design strategies through the realization of a previously designed project. The faculty in this case schematically designed the facility and asked students to carry the design through development and detailing. Students designed aspects of the structures, including custom wood and concrete panels, roof trusses, interior finish panels, concrete surface textures/finishes, stormwater cistern enclosures, etc.

These shelters serve as emergency coverage during a storm event and also provide much needed ADA accessible restrooms for golfers including those participating in Golf Therapy Research for disabled war veterans.      

The landscape, designed and realized by students of the Dept. of Landscape Architecture in 2017/18, utilizes a locally available fly ash byproduct for concrete elements including pavers and walk ways.  

Images and Plans


Technical Description

Custom Concrete Panel systems were the focus of this shelter with students working to design forms and custom concrete mixes as well as pouring and finishing methods. 



Project Start:2014
Year of Completion:2016
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