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Sooria Girls School Kabul

In 2003, 26 Students from the Technische Universität Berlin and 25 Students from the Kabul University built together a library and a multifunctional room for the Soria Highschool in Kabul. It was embedded in a master plan developed by the German students that was executed parallel by local workers under the direction of the GiZ/ AGEF in Kabul.

The project was initiated by Prof. Rainer Mertes, TU Berlin and run by Arch. Anne Seidel and Arch. Ursula Hartig with the suport of an extense network of experts and organisation.

The Soria High School is a Girls school and was completely destroyed by the civil war. When we arrived, the girls where taught in two shifts, two classes a time in tents from the UNO.

After the projects was finished, colored school pavilions and the two extra facilities used as Library and Teachers Assembly-Room where occupied.

A parallel project, a Tee Pavillion was designed at the TU Berlin but due to complicated life- and working conditions could only be realized after the DesignBuild Project by contractors and freelancing students.


Images and Plans


End of 2003: The colored School

After we left Kabul in October 2003, the school pavillions as well as the final works on the entrance pavillions where completed by the German development agency GTZ and Afghan craftsman and form now the new school compound. As the school was was painted in bright colours, the school is named now colored school in Kabul. The pavilions are well maintained and the differentiated spaces well used.

Revue 2005 damage at the attika

We could not controll the finishing of the roof. As a consequence, some mistakes regarding the impermeability where made. Water can filter through the stones that cover the attika and is damaging the leight weight clay insulation and the plaster.



Exhibition Kabul Project (PDF)




Soria High School, Kabul
Research, Teaching FG Prof. Rainer Mertes + FG Prof. Dr. Klaus Rückert -TU Berlin, the University of Kabul,
Logistics, Project ImplementationConsultant BGS/dmp
Logistics, Project Implementation, Training on the jobGiZ, AGEF
Logistics, Other CollaborationDeutsche Botschaft Afghanistan
TeachingAfghanisches Kommunikations- und Kulturinstitut
Project ImplementationAfghan Ministery for Education + Ministery for Urbanism
Other CollaborationUniversity Kabul, Direktor Prof. M. Akbar Popal
Prof.Dr. Christof Ziegert (Expert, Teacher/Educator)Axel Huhn (Craftsmen, Expert, Teacher/Educator)Fariba Sephernia (Expert, Teacher/Educator)Anne Seidel (Expert, Teacher/Educator)Prof. Dr. Ingeborg Baldauf, Zentralasien- Seminar, Humbold Universität zu Berlin (Teacher/Educator)Dr. Sonja Nebel, TU- Berlin (Teacher/Educator)Herr Walter Hutz, GTZ- Kabul (Expert)
KFW: Material and construction; consultancies; IKreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KFW)
International Students, Experts and Faculty ExchangeDeutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst (DAAD)


Architecture, TU Berlin 22 Students
Civil Engineering, TU Berlin 3 Students
Architecture an Engineering, TU Kabul 25 Students


Project Start:2003
Year of Completion:2003
Planning Period6 month
Design Period4 month
Construction Period9 weeks
The projects realized by the students were part of a master plan. The other school pavilions were realized by the German Development Agency 'Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit' GiZ and their executive organization in Kabul AGEF.
The content is liscensed under the following Creative Commons license.
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DAAD, GtZ, KFW, AGEF, INWENT, Auswärtiges Amt